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It moves

Created on Friday, April 20 2018 08:35

My Shapeoko had been on the back burner for so long, but recently it came back to life!  So lets get up to date on what happened to get here.

Back in 2015, I snapped up a X-Carve upgrade kit for my Shapeoko 2 on a black Friday sale.  All of their first gen plates and most of the gantry parts were included for the bargain price of $120 shipped.  That promptly got put on the shelf and more or less forgotten about as my 3D printers were more fun to play with.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the parts gathering picked up in earnest. Amazon had a sale on a Dewalt 611. I couldn't resist. Of course, that meant I had to get more parts!
I contacted us.misumi-ec.com for 250mm x 1000mm extruded plate, a healthy dose of T-nuts, brackets, and other extrusions.  Luckily, they're local and I saved a bundle by picking it up.
An order was put in to boltdepot.com for several pounds of hex bolts of various sizes.
Inventables.com took some more of my money in exchange for a Dewalt 611 spindle mount and 1000mm maker slide.

With all that done, everything was promptly assembled and then sat.  My Shapeoko 2 wire management always felt lacking and I wanted something that would work well.  So, I started drawing up my wire management solution and came up with something that I think works quite well for testing.  After a few revisions to work out the kinks, it sat again.

I just didn't want to run the gshield, and I didn't want to buy the XController either.  An ebay.com purchase later and a genuine Protoneer CNC Shield V3.51 kit was assembled and populated with spare DRV8825 stepsticks I had lying around.  I figure the CNC Shield will give me much more flexibility when I figure out what stepper motors and drivers I want to use.  But, it again sat.

When I finally got tired of staring at the Shapeoko in its sad state, I mustered up the courage to tackle the electricals.  Electron plumbing and me just don't get along.  Nevermind that everything I need to do here, I've already done before successfully with my 3D printers and other oddball projects.  It's just not something I enjoy.  It was time though.  A marathon session of wire crimping, followed up with a session of updating software (UGS), firmware (grbl), settings (grbl), and me simply getting over my fear of crashing the darn thing, lead to a successful homing cycle.

Much more to do. SSR's are sitting on my desk and they need a bracket to locate both them, AC outlets and inlets for further testing. I plan on using them to switch both the spindle and a vacuum.  Along with the electric testing, I need to order up beefier steppers, shopvac hose, and some lumber to create an enclosure...  It seemingly never ends.

But it's getting there.