Danny's Corner

Printer update

Created on Sunday, April 22 2018 18:32

I mentioned how my printers had been more "fun" to mess with than my Shapeoko in the last post. A lot of that fun was me simply learning and gaining experience in various bits of CNC motion assemblies, wiring, and other nuances. However, I think I've gone as far as I can with my two printers without more or less starting from scratch.

Still, I tinker on. I've managed to attach an E3D Titan Aero replica to my blue printer. It wasn't a particular hard bracket to design, but it sure did require a lot of rewiring. After several prints, it's pretty clear that my print quality has gone way up at the expense of print speed. Not too bad a trade off to me.

The blue printer is going to get some diode filters to "fix" the issues with DRV8825 drivers and microstepping.

The black printer will eventually get Trinamic drivers. It will also get a new cold end extruder, but I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to go with a Titan Aero setup like the blue printer.  I'd like to keep one of them nice and speedy.  I may look into getting some Capricorn tube to get the retraction issues under control.