Danny's Corner

Who knew, Pyropen Jr can do SMD

Created on Monday, May 14 2018 12:30

A long while back, I was gifted a set of Trinamic TMC2100 stepper drivers. This was long enough ago, that a batch were created with mislabeled pins. But, the internet being what it is, someone else figured it out and left bread crumbs on how to fix the issue.

And the fix if you have Anycubic TMC2100 drivers that look like this, is purportedly to bridge CFG3 and get the MS1 pin to ground.  This will get you the much beloved combo of 16 micro steps, interpolation, and Spreadcycle.  I haven't quite tested it yet, but will soon.

The biggest issue I had, was bridging the dang pads of CFG3 though. I got lucky on my first attempt. I managed to drag the solder to bridge the two dots. It didn't happen again. No matter how much flux I added, the dang solder simply didn't want to do that again. So, plan B. Solder paste + a tiny piece of flattened wire + my butane soldering pen.

All things considered, I think I did pretty well for my very first try. I was pretty skeptical that my Pyropen Jr would be able to get the job done with the hot air tip. But it sure did. I wouldn't want to start a big SMD project with it, but in a pinch it worked a treat.