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  • It's alive!
    Hi, any chance of you sharing your config code for this project.


  • It's alive!
    Hi Danny, great piece on converting an Overlord to use an MKS Sbase. I'm replacing my Overlord MB ...


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Danny's Ramblings

Chipping away at my to do list

Been a productive weekend, though I honestly wish I had gotten even more done. Sometimes task lists get obnoxiously long and turn into a sort of paralysis. Where to start? What do I do first? How do I prioritize? I chipped away at that mountain mole hill of mine with purpose but little to no linking of tasks.

Replaced a semi broken bathroom faucet.
Repaired a garden hose.
Hung more shelving in the garage.
Reorganized the garage a bit and got more things off the floor.
Fiddled with a light fixture and made it look nicer.
Picked up a Mantis-20 garden tiller that doesn't start from my dad.
Replaced faulty outlets in the garage.
Donated a snowblower to the curb.
Began working on the Mantis.

Sprinkled throughout all of this, I went to Home Depot four times as well.

Sadly, the Mantis-20 isn't quite working yet and is halting my progress. I gave the entire machine a good wipe down as it was covered in grime. The carb came off and got broken down to its components and then reassembled. I found that the primer bulb and the one way check valve was all sorts of gummed up. When I pressed the bulb, it didn't want to pop back up. Turned out the check valve assembly was clogged up with varnished fuel. Underneath one of the diaphragm looking gaskets also revealed a thickened and quite hard layer of varnished fuel as well. Took a good amount of time with a pick and more carb cleaner to get that back to normal. The tank got drained of the smelly and old looking fuel and any and all debris was removed. I took more carb cleaner to the fuel filter and fuel line weight. Fresh gas was mixed up at 50:1 and a 2oz of additional seafoam added to the fuel tank.

A few pulls of the pull starter shows that I'm getting fuel. Huzzah! With the fuel line off, a cord pull resulted in a nice surge of fuel from the line as the tank pressurized. I pulled the spark plug, and it was wet with unburned fuel. Hmmm... So it's good that I'm getting fuel, but I'm not getting spark. Seems this particular engine uses a points and magneto for ignition. There's also a spark arrestor. I didn't crack open that side of the engine shroud to see what's going on, but it's next on the list.

Still waiting on parts and supplies for other items. Sooner or later, I need to get back to my Shapeoko as well. That's another mountain of tasks in and of itself.

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