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That should have been easy

Created on Thursday, September 29 2016 20:35

Replaced the rubber auger paddles, drive belt, and the scraper bar on the newly working Honda HS520 snowblower. It wasn't easy sadly. While the auger paddles and the drive belt were a straight forward swap, the scraper bar was anything but.

On the Honda HS520, three carriage bolts are used to secure the scraper bar. Unfortunately, the carriage bolts have a very thin section square shoulder. This thin shoulder is kept in place on equally thin sheet metal. So, when you try to remove rust seized nuts from these carriage bolts, the carriage bolt ends up mangling the rusted sheet metal underneath and subsequently becomes very difficult to remove.

I tried several methods to get that bolt to behave. A slot for a flat head didn't work. My cut wasn't precise enough and the screwdriver would cam out. Cutting flats on the side of the carriage bolt head so I could grip it with pliers didn't help much either. The bolt head simply wasn't very tall and if I cut off enough where I could gain purchase, the bolt wouldn't really be usable again. I even cleaned off the exposed threads with a fine wire wheel to lessen any and all resistance. The nuts may as well have been welded on.

I ended up having to cut them off. In went a set of stainless steel 5/16 hardware. I used a socket button head bolt to make sure the auger doesn't snag on it, and give me a method to firmly grip the bolt head.

Now if I could only get that pesky Mantis-20 tiller to work... Parts are inbound.