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Saved one from the trash

Created on Monday, October 10 2016 11:02

Managed to fix the Cordomatic 800 for the most part. Turned out that the original cord had a short in it somewhere on both wires. Since the old cord was thirty feet long, I tossed it and replaced it with a 16/3 cord. The problem is, the new cord is a lot stiffer than the old one.  The original cord was a 16 gauge 2 wire with hemp rope as an additional load bearing carrier and a natural rubber case. It was very flexible and compliant, though that flexibility probably did in the cord too. The replacement is a 16 gauge 3 extension cord with no additional filler and a vinyl cover. It rolls up, but has a tough time with the last couple of feet.

I may remove several feet of cord and adjust the pre-load on the spring. If I can find some inexpensive natural rubber encased 16/2 cord that would be ideal. But otherwise, it's doing great and is mounted up in the garage and already been rather useful.

The Mantis tiller however, refuses to start still. For some reason it keeps flooding. Even with jets leaned way way out, it continues to flood. I readjusted the points and magneto and made sure that they were close but not touching uniformly across all magnets. Still no dice. I'm just about ready to kick it to the curb.

My brother is interested in it, but he too is probably better served by getting an electric one and not this pile of rubbish. I may give it one last go with essentially closed jets and a rag soaked in starting fluid by the intake to see if that gets it to at least turn over. Who knows, maybe the engine is just in that bad a shape? There is compression. I'm fairly certain that there is no crank case puddling too. Such a bizarre problem, but it does beg the question if the ignition coil just isn't strong enough to fire under compression.