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Trying to clear the clutter

Created on Monday, August 07 2017 11:48

For the past several months I've been trying to clear the clutter. I'm not embracing "minimalism" or any type of mind set or way of living. I'm "merely" trying to simplify and downsize the things I own while at the same time going through a round of upgrades.

It's liberating. Its the one two punch of having less stuff and the stuff I do have is "modern" and "up to date" with current technologies. Interestingly it helps me free up brain space too. Now when I look at the things around me, I'm not thinking of how I need to upgrade it, properly store it, or come to a decision about getting rid of it. Not to mention that I've been able to recoup some money along the way.

I'm a sentimental guy at heart, so I tend to hang onto things. Funny how the things I hang onto can become such a hindrance without me noticing it.

Now go buy my things on craigslist.  ;)