Growing up...

Created on Tuesday, August 21 2012 11:57

Sometimes, doing the responsible thing is just painful.  Since there are layoff talks heavily filling the water cooler talk at work, I gave up my BRZ.  I did get to see it.  Sit in it.  Touch the gentle curves and let my fingers drift off slowly into the cool air.  As my fingers left the galaxy blue silica painted surface you could almost feel the electricity arcing from surface to surface.

The penny pincher in me says, this is for the best.  You don't need a new car, and you for sure don't drive enough to warrant a car in the first place.  But the emotional car guy in me weeps.  To be so close to owning such a thing.  To be so close to unknown journeys and experiences.  It's a struggle.  A psychological hang up that simply doesn't and won't allow peace.

Time does heal all wounds though.  I'm young enough that I'm sure future cars are just waiting in the wings.  It is also now a little over a week removed from the sorrowful event and feel well recovered.  Still, what a way to go about things.'s hard.