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  • It's alive!
    Hi, any chance of you sharing your config code for this project.


  • It's alive!
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We have working buttons

One of the things that really annoyed me about Kitty, was that the climate control buttons were really hit or miss. Sometimes you'd have to press a button several times before it would register. I went back to the forums for insight and found it. It seems that over time either the buttons or the solder joints for the buttons begin to act up. To fix the intermittent issue, you need to take apart the climate control assembly, reflow the solder joints, and give the switches themselves a real good cleaning. I can do that.

I failed to take any "action" shots, but it was pretty straight forward. Here's what I did.

  1. After removing the climate control assembly from the car, cracking it open, and then freeing the PCB assembly from the front black housing...
  2. I dosed the ribbon cable ziff socket, all the buttons, and the pots with CRC contact cleaner from the back of the PCB, while carefully avoiding getting anything on the LCD display. I waited for the fluid to flash off and did it again.
  3. I then flipped the PCB over and dosed the buttons and pots with more contact cleaner, and pressed each button 30 times and turned both pots several revolutions. I waited for the fluid to flash off again.
  4. I repeated step 3.
  5. I heated up my iron to 485, tinned, cleaned, and tinned it.  485 because I have no idea how gentle I needed to be and errored on the side of caution. I probably could go to 600+ though.
  6. I went and reflowed all of the contact points for the switches and pots. I added solder as necessary and made sure I had no cold or blobby joints.
  7. I then carefully applied CRC 2-26 lubricant to the buttons and the pots and again pressed each button and turned the pots to make sure the lubricant penetrated the assemblies.
  8. I wiped off any excess from the buttons and pots.
  9. Put it all back together and install it in the car.

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