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  • It's alive!
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Oil change and new discoveries

Found a bit of time to mess with Kitty. I changed the oil, and even though I was thinking of going with a cheap dino oil to act as a flush, I went ahead and used Mobil 1 high mileage instead. Synthetic will be able to handle the amount of time the car will sit significantly better than conventional oil, which is a big plus for us. I figure we'll put less than three thousand miles on it in a year. I used a big Toyota oil filter as well. A 90915-YZZD3 fit just fine, and is significantly taller than the filter that was on there before. All in all, no matter what oil I put in there, it was better than what came out. While the used oil wasn't a terrible color, it had a tinge of a burnt smell to it. Maybe I need to seafoam it, but the amount of smoke that produces is insane...

I also gave the interior another once over. I scrubbed clean the leather seats with my new horse hair brush. It performed splendidly. Sadly, the blemishes in the leather that remain, are cracks and pits in the leather surface. I also wiped down all of the hard surfaces as well. They didn't look bad, but the towel definitely wasn't clean when I was done. I also washed the drivers seat seat belt. It had enough filth in it, that I didn't like touching it. To clean it, I loaded it up with all purpose cleaner and gave it a scrubbing with a microfiber towel. I then dunked as much of the belt as I could into a bucket of clean water. Seeing the clear water change to a dingy brown was both satisfying and really gross. I let it dry while fully extended to prevent any mold or messing up the belt mechanisms. E swears the belt retracts much better now too.

I retapped the screw that was cross threaded on the roof rack. Good thing too, even though I used silicone sealant in strategic areas, some water seems to have pooled around the area. Now everything fits as it should, so that problem should never return. Just in case, I put a huge gob of silicone all over the place. The bigger the glob, the better the job!

The archaeology continues as well. There are a total of nine 8mm 1.25 pitch bolts that hold the front skid plates to the car and to each other.  Of these, three are inoperable. Of the two that attach to the car, one has the remnants of a snapped bolt inside. I'm going to leave that one be. It's in a location where it's no big deal. The other problem bolt hole however, was cross threaded and was the reason Jiffy Lube used zip ties. I don't have the proper tap handle to fix that sadly. Another order to Amazon is in my future. The last problem bolt hole is one of two that bolt the two skid plates to each other. Sadly one contains the remains of a long dead bolt. That will need to get drilled out and repaired. It's not a big deal, but I'll feel better if I fix this one. Right now we're riding around with just the front skid plate bolted up.

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