Black & Tan

Created on Sunday, August 20 2017 13:22

Shopping for a car can be a stressful experience. Its usually one of the most expensive items an American owns. Having said that, I'm happy and have no buyers remorse. I purchased a black 2017 3.6R Touring with what seems to be the typically equipped "popular package 5" and remote starting. 

Popular package 5 includes:
rear bumper cover
splash guards
rear seat back protectors
all weather rubber floor mats
auto dimming side mirrors with approach lights and blind spot detectors

I swapped out the dealer branded license plate covers and added a front license plate bracket I had lying around. I'll probably get some weathertech floor mats to replace the set it came with. The mats that I have now aren't bad, but they could be better. Winter is coming...

Once those mats get put in, all that there will be left to do is go camping. We've got a couple camp sites picked out in Wisconsin and in Maine. Looking forward to kicken back.