New floor mats

Created on Monday, September 18 2017 15:57

My new car mats came in. On some cars, the floor mats that come with them are completely adequate. Eliza's mini came with a great set of all weather floor mats and so we didn't bother getting new ones. On BaT, the front floor mats weren't the best. Weathertech to the rescue!

Here's a good shot to show how much more coverage the Weathertech mats provide versus the OEM ones. Pretty significant!

There's no sense in having mismatched floor mats, right? Overall, I'm quite happy. I chose the "cacao" color instead of black or tan and to me they fit in pretty well with the other browns used in the interior.

I will say that these Weathertech floor liners are a bit thinner and a different formulation that in the past. Still a great product, just an observation. Feels good to "buy American", especially when they are a drive away in Downers Grove.