Trying to not be stupid

Created on Tuesday, May 15 2018 13:18

A funny thing about getting older, is that I feel more and more stupid with the passing of the years. Things I use to know how to do, fade. Things I wish I could do, I don't do, can't find the time, waste my time on unfulfilling things...

Well, I've been making a more concerted effort to keep my brain sharp.

Me being me, I figured I'd do it in ways that interest me.  Messing with my 3D printers has gotten me thinking about linear motion, electronics, and other mechanical bits.  Another way, is designing and making random things.  OpenSCAD scratches that itch rather nicely. It allows me to do some light programming that results in a printable object.  I definitely prefer Solidworks, but OpenSCAD is what Thingiverse uses for their Customizer.

This was one of my "weekend projects" to make Danny not feel dumb. Feed it some parameters, and it'll spit out a 3D printable hood for your camera lens. I'll be adding more mount types over time, but so far I've managed to get the Canon 2 tab style up and running. The Sigma version is coming along nicely too. 

The idiosyncrasies of OpenSCAD are super annoying though.  It stores all variables as constants at compile time, more or less.  That means making things parametric and usable in Thingiverse Customizer is rather challenging at times.  Not the end of the world, but the code gets real hard for my brain to maneuver around.

Pretty pleased overall though. On to the next thing.