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  • It's alive!
    Hi, any chance of you sharing your config code for this project.


  • It's alive!
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We can rebuild it...

I really should write more. Lots of missed entries, but we'll start with something nerdy as I catch up. I've been designing and printing up new parts for my RC cars. It's been pretty fun! I've been learning quite a bit about suspension geometry in the process. I've managed to make new front and rear suspension arms, steering linkage, as well as servo and radio gear mounts.

It brings a nice sense of accomplishment. It'll feel even better once i get an engine installed and everything running. With some luck it will happen soon.

Tomato runs

I took out my RC car, Tomato, out for another run on Saturday.  It was a bit cold with temps in the high 40's.  The car did fire up though, and I managed to burn off all of the old fuel I had.  About three tanks worth.  It felt really good to hear it fire up and kick up the grass at Busse woods.  It also reminds me that I need to work on this car a little bit more.  Need to replace the engine bearings with sealed ceramics, and possibly the rest of the bearings on the car as well.

There is currently a pair of Hobby Lobby Hunters on ebay.  I'm tempted to buy it...  They don't come with radios, but they do come with engines.  One appears to have an Enya .19cx engine in it.  Very tempting.  But that money could be better spent elsewhere.  Like a Revo or a Baja 5b!  :-D  Maybe I should ask Andy if I can borrow his 5b again...


This is sort of a filler entry as I still go through pictures from our vacation.

Here is my current stable of RC cars.  Three models all based around the same core car from the 80's.  On the left is a Mean Mudder by Skyward R&D.  The middle car is a 2WD Hobby Lobby Hunter.  On the right is the 4WD Hobby Lobby Hunter.

I doubt the middle car will ever be running again in stock form.  There were just too many missing and broken parts on the red caged cars.  Enough to make one run in good form, but the 2WD is definitely relegated to "parts car" duty.  We shall see though.  I've got some ideas on how to bring it back.

My childhood hobby is definitely still fun and it's all too enjoyable to scratch this itch.  Frivolous, but frivolity is good every once in a while.

Out for a spin

I made another camera mount and managed to get some video of the buggy running.

Vid 1

Vid 2

The camera dramatically shifts the center of gravity of the car. Instead of being somewhat low, this moves it way up and makes the car even more unstable than it already is. I took the camera off to see just how much it affects the car. Good thing too!

Because I broke it pretty soon after.  It didn't break after the first rollover.  Nor the second.  The third one did it though.  I'm just happy to have gotten some video this time.

I did give back Andy his Baja 5b.  It was just way too much temptation to go out and get one of my own!  Driving it out on the pavement just made me want it even more today.  Quite fun.  Loud as all heck, but quite fun.

Currently contemplating modifying my current car, or getting a Traxxas Revo.  Fun things to ponder.

Noisy beast

The beast lives!  After looking at various message boards and reading an NGK spark plug color chart, I figured the engine flooded and the plug was fouled up.  It looked very much like plug number 1.  One of the things we did on Sunday, was remove the spark plug and clean it.  It looked brand new after some TLC with a rag, brake cleaner, and a soft bronze wire wheel.  Yesterday, I took the beast out to the yard.  It fired right up after two pulls.  One pull with the choke on, one pull with the choke off.  Well that was easy!

The car is also incredibly loud.  Like I turned it off after ten seconds since I didn't want to annoy my neighbors loud.  Still, it was gratifying to see the buggy roll around in the grass under its own power.  I need to find a space big enough to let this little guy stretch its legs.  That will probably prove to be a challenge.  Not too many places where a 25 pound RC car with a weed whacker engine can roam where I live.  I am thinking of taking it to a forest preserve.  I'll need to get the studded tires from Andy before I do that.

I am also looking for some denatured alcohol.  I plan on giving this car a thorough cleaning.  A trip to the big box store is in my near future.