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Getting back into it

Created on Sunday, September 28 2008 07:39

Screen cap of my dekstop

I haven't blogged or spent time with my photos in quite a while.  So, it feels good to do both.  Two birds, one stone.

 I've been wondering what I'm going to put on this site lately.  Lots of random ideas.  I should review items, I should post up build logs, I should do this/that/and the other thing.  But honestly, it feels good to just write again.  The last honest blog entry I wrote was in August of 2007.

 A strange truth is that though my old website,, isn't on the web anymore, but I've been carrying it around with me wherever I go.  It's been happily existing on my USB key.  A USB key with xampp is a powerful thing indeed.  Maybe one day I'll import the cotent of my old site into this one.  I'm in no hurry though.  Besides, who wants to see old entries from the late 90's?  Well, maybe I do to be honest.  But that's a project for another day.  Today is about adding to the word count of the web, and organizing the pictures that document my life.  And if I ever needed any inspiration, a snapshot of a smiling Atti is all that I need.

The program above is called IMatch .   A poweful tool that was within my budget.  I'm far from a power user, but it's been a great companion as I try to wrestle with the ever growing library of images I've collected.  One of these days, I'll write more about it.  But until then, that's the program I swear by.